Smartwatch CALMEAN for kids.

These are devices for parental care and locating a child. Smartwatch makes the child safer.

Main functions

child GPS tracker

This indicates the current position of the child with an accuracy of up to 1 meter within the range of the GPS network.

Outside the GPS range, the tracker supports the signal from land-based mobile operators and Wi-Fi networks. Thanks to this, the parent will always see where the child is.

Telephone calls

The smartwatch rings and receives calls in the same way as a smartphone.

The watch has a pre-installed and ready-to-use SIM card from CALMEAN (Operator T-mobile)
The child can only call numbers selected by the parent – unknown numbers will not be able to contact the smartwatch.

Parental alarm notification

The smartwatch has a ZONE function, that is the ability to set on the map areas in which the child should be at set times or set areas where they should not go.

When the watch detects that the child is not where they should be, the smartwatch will immediately send a notification to the parent so that they can respond quickly and check that everything is in order.

Listen to your child's surroundings

At any time the parent can activate audio monitoring of their child’s watch to discreetly check that everything is fine.

This function is also very useful when the child does not answer their phone – you can then activate the answer call function through the watch yourself.

SOS - Call for help

This function allows a quick notification to be sent to the parent’s phone if something is wrong.

The SOS button activates SMS alerts, notifications and phone calls to the child’s parent or guardian.


The watch has a pre-installed and ready-to-use SIM card from CALMEAN (Operator T-mobile)


CALMEAN is a Polish company – our clients’ data is safe, we guard it carefully and do not share it with anyone.


You operate the watch via a web panel or our proprietary Control Center mobile application.

Additional features

Watch and alarm clock

Time and date are set automatically and adjust to local time. You can remotely set up to three alarms to remind your child about important tasks. You can remotely set up to three alarms that will remind your child about important matters


The parent can send a short text message to the child and the child can reply with a voice message recorded and sent by the smartwatch.

Aparat (modele: NEMO 2, GO oraz SPORT)

The child can take a picture with their smartwatch and send it to you right away!


The child can be rewarded with a virtual heart which will be displayed on the smartwatch. If the child did something naughty you can remove the heart!

Step and calorie counter

The parent is able to check how many steps their child has taken during the day and the estimated amount of calories they have burnt.

Hand sensor (Touch model)

Sends an automatic alert to the parents when the sensor on the backside of the watch detects a light source (which means that the watch has most likely been removed from the child’s wrist).


Parents receive notifications related to the child and their watch sent to the parent’s phone and e-mail. They are always notified and can react immediately when something is not right.

Location History

Parents can not only see their child’s current location, but also view the entire route they have travelled. In addition, the parent also has access to the child’s location history.

Flashlight (GO model)

Useful in many situations, surprisingly well illuminates the dark

Stoper (modele NEMO2 oraz SPORT)

A rare feature in other smartwatches. It is very liked by children and often used – not only by small athletes.

Pomiar temperatury (model CARE)

Pomiar temperatury ciała dziecka. Temperatura może być zmierzona bezpośrednio przez dziecko; Opiekun może także zmierzyć temperaturę zdalnie, a nawet ustawić cykliczne pomiary np. co 2 godziny.

Oferujemy 5 modeli zegarków z lokalizatorem gps: GO, TOUCH, SPORT, NEMO 2 oraz CARE.

What is the difference between our smartwatches for children:

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