GPS watch for Seniors

CALMEAN Senior Watch is a smartwatch for the elderly. Its main task is to inform the caretaker of the location of the senior they are caring for.

Main functions

GPS location

This shows the location of the senior wearing the watch with an accuracy of up to 1 meter when within range of a GPS network.

When the senior goes beyond the GPS range, the watch supports the signal of mobile operators and Wi-FI networks to determine the location of the person who is being looked after as accurately as possible.

Phone calls

The watch rings and receives calls just like a regular phone.

A SIM card is pre-installed, so there is no need to buy your own card.

Alarm signals

The guardian or caretaker can set zones on the map in which the person being looked after should stay.

When the senior leaves the zone, the guardian will receive an alert. They can then respond quickly and contact the senior to check that everything is all right.

Listen to the surroundings

At any time, you can overhear the senior’s surroundings and discreetly check if everything is ok.

This is also useful if there is no voice contact with the person being looked after.

Call for help

Allows the senior to quickly call for help in a dangerous situation.

Pressing the SOS button initiates the sending of text messages to two guardians and a phone call to the main contact person.


All that is needed is 30 seconds for the special sensor to check the senior’s pulse and the result is then displayed on the watch.


The watch has a pre-installed and ready-to-use SIM card from CALMEAN (Operator T-mobile)


CALMEAN is a Polish company – our clients’ data is safe, we guard it carefully and do not share it with anyone.


As a guardian, you have access to data from the watch through a web panel or our proprietary Control Center mobile application:

Additional features

Watch and alarm clock

Time and date are set automatically and adjust to local time. You can remotely set up to three alarms to remind your child about important tasks. You can remotely set up to three alarms that will remind the senior about important matters (such as the need to take medication).


You can check if the senior is walking as much as they should. The watch will send data on the estimated number of steps that the senior took during the current day.

Telling the time

The senior does not have to look at the watch’s face to see what time it is. For their convenience, the watch can read the time out loud automatically.

Location History

We not only find the senior’s current location, but also show the entire route they have travelled. In addition, the guardian has access to the location history of the senior.


As the guardian, you will receive notifications regarding the senior sent to your phone and e-mail. You will always be notified and you can react immediately when something is wrong.


The senior can set a time alarm that will count down the time set (e.g. set for a period of 20 minutes for walking or performing daily exercises)
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