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How to uninstall an application when I no longer use it?

Agnes, 1st December, 2018


In order to uninstall the application from the child’s phone, you must know the PIN of the Parental Control application whcich was set during the installation (during the uninstallation the application will ask for the PIN).

Open settings on the child’s phone. View all the apps installed on the phone. Find Parental Control. Tap its icon. You will see Parental Control app’s settings. Find the button “uninstall” <uninstall> and click it.

If the application is still not uninstalled, you should deactivate it as a system administrator. To do this, you need to find phone administrator settings <View phone administrators > and find Parental Control. Deactivate it. Then try to uninstal Parental Control app again.

Note! If you do not remember PIN:

  • Choose “My account” in main menu.
  • Tap “Block using PIN” button
  • Turn off the PIN<PIN> or click “forgot PIN number”. You will automatically log out of the application, and after re-logging, you will be able to set a new PIN.
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