Calmean Parental Control
for Android smartphones

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What does the Calmean Parental Control System stand for?


Safety of your child

You know where your child is and how they use their phone. At any given moment, you can intervene in the contents accessible to your child, and thus ensure their safety.


Control your Child

You can control the activities of your child. You look after them, even when you are not with them.

Peace of mind

Your peace of mind

Automatic notifications keep you posted via your phone about any unusual situations, and let you focus on whatever you are doing rather than thinking about what your child is up to at any given moment.

Main Calmean Parental Control features

Blocking unwanted apps

Remote phone control

Current location of your child

Current location of your child

Limits of access to apps

Call and text message control

Blocking of unwanted and unknown calls

Indication of your child’s location zones

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