CALMEAN Video 4G GPS watch is a leader among devices ensuring the safety of your child!

Rapidly evolving technology is entering almost every aspect of our lives. It is especially valued in areas where its intervention leads to making our work easier or providing increased safety for our loved ones. A perfect example is smartwatches for children, which have been winning the hearts of parents for years. Over the years, basic functionalities have been enriched with a range of additional features, creating advanced models such as the CALMEAN Video 4G GPS.

Smartwatch for a child, gadget or must-have?

The main role of electronic watches for children is to provide additional safety. Thanks to them, a parent can continuously track their child’s location (LBS, GPS, or WiFi), set up safety zones with alerts for when they are left, or listen to the surroundings where the child is. The calling, SOS, or message recording function for the guardian allows the youngest to instantly inform parents of a dangerous situation..
Moreover, most of the available models have a camera and a pedometer. They allow taking photos in almost any conditions while monitoring the child’s activity. We should not forget about the basic functions of a smartwatch, such as the watch, alarm clock, and stopwatch.
The question is, is it worth investing in a smartwatch? Absolutely yes. It will provide invaluable support to parents in ensuring the safety of their children. However, to be fully satisfied with the purchase, it is important to choose the right model to meet all our expectations and opt for a high-quality watch.

    Smartwatch features worth paying attention to


    When choosing a watch for our child, let’s check the battery capacity it has. It usually ranges from about 160-300 mAh. The latest CALMEAN model stands out among the competition, featuring an optimized battery that provides as much as 700mAh of device operation. Keep in mind that the watch will only ensure the safety of the youngest when it is turned on! Unikaj modeli o renomie jednodniowego towarzysza – dzieciom zdarza się zapominać o regularnym ładowaniu.

    Quality of execution

    Smartwatches designed for children must demonstrate resistance to extreme conditions that accompany carefree play. High quality of execution, including a sturdy strap, will ensure that our little one does not lose the watch during their first outing from home. On the other hand, fastening must not be difficult for the child, so that they are able to independently put on and take off the watch, for example, for charging.
    Premium models such as CALMEAN Video 4G GPS, in addition to being made from high-quality materials, also provide water and dust resistance. Both features enable the watch to be left on the wrist even while swimming in the pool, allowing parents to maintain constant contact with their child. The absence of the need to take off the watch outside the home effectively prevents it from being lost.
    The main screen to pay attention to is the smartwatch screen. Let’s choose models with high resolution, preferably with an IPS matrix, providing realistic color and black reproduction and a short response time.
    CALMEAN Video 4G GPS
    CALMEAN Video 4G GPS

    Basic functions

    Undoubtedly, the basic function of any watch is to measure time. That’s why every smartwatch available on the market has this functionality, often supplemented with a stopwatch and an alarm clock.
    The second most commonly used function is communication with the guardian. In this case, the number of ways to communicate with parents varies and depends on the technological advancement of the smartwatch..
    1. Phone calls – The watch is able to make and receive calls just like a regular mobile phone. In most cases, it is necessary to purchase a suitable SIM card to enable the child to use this functionality. The CALMEAN Video 4G GPS watch has a factory-installed SIM card, so there is no need for additional purchase. All you need to do is enter the factory-assigned number into the CALMEAN Control Center system (Android, iOS), and after a few moments, you can freely make and receive calls.
    2. Emergency assistance – Pressing the SMS button sends a message to the guardians and establishes a phone call to the selected main contact. With this option, a child can quickly and discreetly notify their loved ones about danger.
    3. Chat – Premium functionality present in the best smartwatch models. With CALMEAN Video 4G GPS, a parent can send a short text message to their child and receive a voice response recorded by the watch.
    4. Environmental listening – although it is passive communication, it can be invaluable in case of suspicion of danger.
    The third feature of the watch is the child’s location tracking. Although it can be delivered using various technologies, it’s worth noting that its precision should be as high as possible. CALMEAN Video 4G GPS provides accuracy up to 1 meter within the GPS network coverage! In addition to GPS, the watch utilizes ground transmitters of cellular operators and WIFI.
    An accompanying function of the location tracking is the ability to set safe zones. CALMEAN Video 4G GPS also has the option to customize them for selected hours, immediately alerting the parent if the child leaves the designated area.

    Additional functions

    The additional functions are mainly dedicated to older children. The wide range of options offered by the CALMEAN Video 4G GPS smartwatch is particularly noteworthy, including:
    1.Support for the CALMEAN Store app marketplace – an absolute novelty on the market. Thanks to the Android system present on the device, we can install additional apps on the watch. The CALMEAN smartwatch provides us with almost unlimited possibilities that we can adjust to the changing needs of our child.
    2.Address book – manage your child’s contacts to protect them from unwanted calls.
    3. Reward – an excellent motivational system in which you can reward your child with a virtual heart.
    4. Huge selection of watch faces – up to 10 designs to choose from that we can customize to our taste both in terms of graphic design and colors.i.
    CALMEAN Video 4G GPS

    The smartwatch is an excellent tool to support the fight for our children’s safety. By choosing a model made of the highest quality materials and equipped with a range of additional functions, you will ensure yourself a device that will bring joy to both parents and children for many years to come. It is worth considering a premium smartwatch like CALMEAN Video 4G GPS when planning a gift for First Communion, birthday, or Christmas.

    CALMEAN Video 4G GPS
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