Child’s health.

It probably doesn’t need to be convinced that regular physical activity is important. However, not everyone knows that it is also important to support physical activity in children. The simplest way to take care of health and good fitness is walking. It is said that an adult should take at least 10,000 steps a day, while for children and teenagers, the minimum number of steps is 6,000. However, the daily number of steps measured by the smartwatch alone often does not give us a complete picture of the average physical activity. That’s why in the latest versions of the Android, iOS, and web applications, we have replaced the step counter functionality with a more advanced health feature.. What will the guardian and the watch user find there?

How does step counting work?

The step counting function is available in CALMEAN GO, CALMEAN TOUCH, CALMEAN SPORT ACTIVE, CALMEAN SPORT, CALMEAN NEMO3, and CALMEAN MINI models.. It is based on counting steps based on the child’s stride length and arm movements, which makes it highly accurate. The step counter resets every day at midnight, but the collected data is not lost – it is saved in the application. In previous versions, the user could only see the number of steps taken each day, but the latest version of the program provides much more information.

    How has the step counter tab changed?

    In the new version of the application, the Step Counter tab is now the Health tab. In this section, the guardian enters not only the child’s average stride length but also their weight, which is necessary to calculate additional data. The following information appears in the tab:

    • The number of steps taken (daily, weekly, monthly)
    • Calories burned,
    • Distance covered.

    Based on the user’s weight, the application can calculate the number of calories burned during physical activity. Meanwhile, the distance covered is the sum of the steps taken, showing the overall distance covered. What benefits does this provide to the parent? Firstly, the parent can set specific goals for their child, which will be fully measurable. Secondly, they also have a chance to maintain full control over their child’s activity level and encourage them to move more.

    What does the guardian see in the latest application?

    In the Health tab, the guardian can view numerical data and analyze charts – there are two types of charts available. The collected information can be viewed on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, providing a much better picture of a child’s overall physical activity. By analyzing the charts, one can also assess whether physical activity is increasing or decreasing, as well as during which periods. Additionally, the collected data can also be saved in three formats: SVG, PNG, and CSV.

    Why is counting steps important?

    The step-counting feature in a watch is extremely helpful when trying to monitor our physical activity or motivate ourselves to move more. A pedometer plays a similar role for children. Physical activity is a crucial factor in the prevention of obesity and many other diseases. Exercise – especially in fresh air – also helps to strengthen the body’s immune system. Since many children spend a lot of time in front of computers or TVs nowadays, it becomes necessary to encourage them to engage in more physical activity. A watch that counts steps helps make a young person aware that they are not moving enough. When the indicators on the chart increase, the child feels satisfaction and is more eager to walk or run. The new features in the Health tab of the app can also be used by a parent to engage in friendly competition with their child. Such a shared game allows the entire family to take care of their health and fitness.

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