Parents considering buying a GPS watch for their child compare the prices of the watch, available features, fees, and more.

However, they forget about one very important thing…

What thing am I referring to?


You can buy safe CALMEAN watches here:

CALMEAN Child Watch Touch

Be careful with applications!

Indeed, to manage the features of the watch, an application needs to be installed on the phone. And that is precisely what carries certain risks. This application collects a lot of sensitive information, such as the child’s location, zone addresses, phone numbers…

Nobody would want to share this data with strangers…

The vast majority of children’s watch models available on the market have a dedicated Chinese application called SeTracker. It allows managing the watch’s functions and tracking the child on the map. With what effect? Opinions regarding. You can check the application reviews yourself.

The Se Tracker application was created for the purpose of managing the watch, so emergency phone numbers are entered here. Usually, these are the numbers of the child’s parents and other phone numbers such as grandparents, uncles or aunts, and the child’s friends.

We also set up zones such as home, school, grandmother’s house, friend’s house, etc. These are very specific pieces of information directly related to our place of residence and the child’s location at specific times.

The watch determines its location through GPS signals (satellite transmitters) or LBS (ground-based cellular network transmitters), and then sends it to Chinese servers where it is stored and shared with parents through the application. Exactly.

All data provided in the SeTracker application is sent to the Chinese servers of the application’s creators.

How is it sent? Is it secured – encrypted – or not? What happens to the data afterward? Who has access to them? How are they used and processed? Are they properly secured? No one knows that.

Chinese data protection standards are different from European ones. Therefore, there is a risk that unauthorized people may gain access to this data. This data can be used illegally or even for criminal purposes… This poses a real threat to the security of the theoretically protected child.

In CALMEAN CONTROL CENTER, we protect your data!

And that is precisely the main difference between CALMEAN watches and others available on the market. Our watches have a dedicated Polish application created for the purpose of managing the watch, which we are constantly working on and developing.

Aplikacja CALMEAN Control Center

CALMEAN watches also have a Polish menu available!

CALMEAN brand is owned by the Polish company Camo Code Sp. We are responsible for the development of the CALMEAN CONTROL CENTER application dedicated to managing our watches, as well as other CALMEAN brand devices.


Our offer also includes a screen time application for parental control over the child’s phone.

Parental Control

All data collected for the communication between the watch and the CALMEAN CONTROL CENTER application is gathered in a safe and secure manner. We encrypt the data and send it to European servers where no unauthorized person has access to it! Your data and your child are safe with our CALMEAN watch.

SERVICE and Customer Support at your fingertips!

In addition, our Customer Service Office will help you in case of any issues with the watch. In our service, you can easily make any repairs to the watch, replace the battery, strap, and even the broken glass We assist in the process of setting up the watch and registering an account on CALMEAN CONTROL CENTER. We provide guidance on how to use the watch and remotely solve some problems.

You can contact us in 3 ways: by phone, email, and through Messenger on our @CalmeanChannel profile on Facebook.

Don’t risk buying watches that are managed by a Chinese application because it may cost you dearly…

We will ensure the SAFETY of your data and your child!
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