The CALMEAN mobile application, through which you manage your smartwatch/locator, is now even more user-friendly. The main screen now includes additional options and shortcuts leading to the most frequently used functions selected by the users.
Three things seem to be particularly helpful:
  1. The LEAD TO option. Thanks to it, we will see the most optimal route from our current location to the point where the child with the smartwatch is located. Just remember that the feature will only work if you have your location enabled on your phone, and if you have given consent to use this feature by the application during setup.
  2. Shortcut to the SILENCE function. It allows you to quickly silence the device when it should not disturb the child. “Also remember that you can completely turn off the device through the TURN OFF function, available from the menu.
  3. A preview of the amount of minutes left on the device. Of course, it will only work if the device is connected to the original, factory SIM card from CALMEAN.

See for yourself all the interesting and worth trying functions.

If you don’t have the application on your phone yet? Don’t wait – download for free from Google Play.

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