With the growing popularity of CALMEAN Vehicle, as the creators of the application, we regularly strive to improve and streamline it to meet the expectations of both existing and completely new users of our innovative software and provide them with the highest level of functionality. Thus, recently we have enriched the CALMEAN device with a completely new and highly desirable useful feature.

What feature are we talking about?

This time we have good news for all motorists who want to have the ability to review data related to the details of their successive trips while covering many kilometers – the “Routes” feature allows you to do just that.”This feature works based on a modern, intelligent system that segments data into individual pieces of the traveled route. In this case, it doesn’t matter if you’re embarking on a several-hour journey, such as a well-deserved vacation, or a short commute to work, school, or any other destination – in every situation, the “Routes” option is available.The “Routes” feature available in the CALMEAN Vehicle app will present you with a comprehensive overview of information in an accessible format.

If you haven’t/had the opportunity to get to know our device yet, it’s high time to change that, because the CALMEAN GPS locator stands out from the competition not only in terms of its unquestionable practicality and intuitive operation but also its characteristic features, which include:. water resistance, automatic standby mode (energy-saving), and various power options, which, depending on the selected device model, can be based on a 1500 mAh battery, a 10000 mAh battery, or draw the necessary power from the car, boat, or motorcycle engine.

What is innovative about our device equipped with a satellite navigation system? CALMEAN Vehicle allows for real-time tracking of a given vehicle, so it not only indicates the location of a bicycle, car, boat, or motorcycle at a given moment but also notifies when it starts moving and alerts when it detects an attempt to manipulate the locator.
Currently, in our offer, you can find 3 models of vehicle locators:
  • Cable Smart
  • Battery Mini
  • Battery Big

All devices are available in our store.


GPS locators – for whom?

CALMEAN Vehicle is particularly popular not only among private individuals who decide to purchase cars, boats, or bicycles and use a GPS locator for their personal use, but also among businesses that manage vehicle fleets. CALMEAN Vehicle is particularly popular not only among private individuals who decide to purchase cars, boats, or bicycles and use a GPS locator, as well as the special application, as additional and effective protection against theft to enhance the system of locks and alarms, but also among business owners engaged in logistics or transportation. They are well aware that the key to success in developing their business is to increase the efficiency of their operations and to implement economic strategies for delivering goods and providing high-level customer service.

Routes – discover the brand new feature available in the CALMEAN Vehicle app.

So far, the main available functions of the application supporting the Vehicle line locators include: Adding a new feature that presents the traveled route in the form of segments divided into specific routes was obvious for us, although the previously available main functions of the application supporting the Vehicle locators cannot be denied in their usefulness (especially since we are talking about vehicle location, division into zones, which are areas on the map defined by the owner of the vehicle, notification of engine start or speed limit exceeded alarm). Especially since the alternatives currently available on the market do not offer such a comprehensive set of data.
Monitoring details of daily traveled distances will certainly appeal to drivers who value comprehensive solutions, especially since it is associated with a whole list of advantages, both for individuals using GPS locators for private purposes and those who manage a fleet within their competencies.

    Thanks to the “Routes” feature, you can:

    • With the “Routes” function, you can review the data from your trips in a much more clear and accessible way without the need to open a map.
    • Have access to the most detailed and important data, such as:: distance, time, journey, break time, average and maximum. Speed;
    • To have real-time control over vehicle usage and have insight into fuel consumption both during individual trips and throughout the day.
    • Take advantage of completely new possibilities, such as: You can have control over the costs and usage time of the vehicle, get much more data about each trip, exclude specific routes from statistics, and combine individual routes when you feel that the algorithm needs to be corrected.
    • Get acquainted with comprehensive, personalized daily reports (including data collected in the past);

    What does this mean for you?

    By reviewing the data presented in the mentioned section, you can not only check how long the car is in motion during the day, but also:

    • You can see how many kilometers the car actually travels using the data presented in the mentioned section.
    • You can determine the estimated amount of fuel consumed both on individual trips and throughout the day.
    • You can compare the speed of regularly traveled routes and find out when the car had the highest average speed.
    • You can quickly and easily check where the car started and what was its destination – without the need to browse through pages of a road atlas or study a map.

    We are confident that you will appreciate its usefulness during the first ride. Safe travels!

    The functionality is available for Android and iOS applications, as well as on the web.

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