Safe vacations with a child – what to remember?

A vacation with a child – to the seaside, Masuria, the mountains, or perhaps abroad to admire monuments and natural wonders, is meant to be an adventure from which everyone will return home with new experiences. Let’s make sure that they are pleasant memories and valuable skills acquired during vacations with our children. That’s why it’s worth considering what we should remember to ensure maximum safety for our children.

Travel destination

We can successfully spend a vacation with a child in Poland. There is no shortage of beautiful places for rest and activities in our country, both outdoors and indoors. Among the vacation destinations in Poland, the mountains and the Baltic Sea still reign supreme. In the peak season, the biggest seaside resorts are very crowded, as well as the mountain trails. It’s not difficult for a child to suddenly lose sight of their parent. There is no need to panic if we equip our child with the Calmean kid’s smartwatch. Not only will we be able to quickly locate them on the map in the app on our smartphone, but we will also be able to call the smartwatch and have a voice call with our child. This is the fastest way to find a lost, young tourist.

In Poland, it’s worth going to the Baltic Sea due to its beautiful sandy beaches. Pomerania (Pomorze) is not short of amusement parks for the whole family. Moreover, all big cities have so much to offer tourists that we will never get bored in them. In Toruń, we can visit the Living Gingerbread Museum with a child, in Sopot, we can go to the pier, and in Warsaw, we can visit the Copernicus Science Centre. In Poznań, young travelers will be delighted to visit the St. Martin Croissant Museum. Always remember to plan attractions for small children on the sightseeing route and adjust them to their individual capabilities. Vacations are also about relaxed leisure time – on the beach, by the lake, or simply in the hotel pool.

Another way to spend a vacation with a child is to go abroad. There, we can enjoy beautiful weather in Greece, Spain, Croatia, or Italy, and there are plenty of exceptional places to visit with children. Then, we should also take care of the gadget in the form of a smartwatch for our child, to ensure that in a difficult situation, the child will call for help from the parent, and the parent will be able to easily locate the child thanks to GPS tracking.

What should we take with us?

From our side, in addition to the Calmean smartwatch for children, we suggest taking a compact first-aid kit with you. Skinned knees, insect bites, and sunburns are just a few of the ailments that can affect our children. It’s worth having something on hand that will allow us to immediately treat them.

Our GPS locator, which you can attach to your luggage, will also come in handy.. This is a security measure that will allow you to locate a lost bag in case of a mistake, for example, when picking up luggage at the airport or on a coach.

Bring games and activities for your child to keep them entertained during a car or airplane ride. If your child likes to play games on your phone, don’t forget to install a parental control app to protect them from inappropriate content, even online.

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