On the market, there are many different models of smartwatches, with various features and capabilities. However, each of them has a basic function: locating a child. What is the accuracy of location tracking on smartwatches?

First of all, it depends on the system used for location tracking by the smartwatch. It primarily depends on the system used for localizing the smartwatch. They typically use three different modules for localization: GPS, Wi-Fi, and LBS (also known as GSM, the signal from mobile network operators). Sometimes a fourth module is also mentioned: AGPS – but it is only an improved way of determining GPS position, not a standalone module.

The number and types of location modules in a smartwatch have a significant impact on the ability to locate a child and the accuracy of the location. The best models have all three location modules: GPS, Wi-Fi, and LBS (also known as GSM or cellular network signal).


GPS is capable of locating a child with an accuracy of up to a few meters outside buildings. Unfortunately, indoors, GPS signals can weaken or disappear, making it difficult to locate a child with GPS accuracy. When indoors, the GPS signal may weaken or be lost. In such cases, the watch automatically switches to using the other two localization modules: Wi-Fi and LBS. Importantly, both of these modules are used simultaneously by the watch. This allows for localization with an accuracy of up to several dozen meters. In CALMEAN, models such as TOUCH and NEMO2 have both of these modules.
Models from the mid-range usually have only two modules: GPS and LBS. Locating is equally accurate as in Group I, provided that the watch receives a GPS signal. When the signal disappears, the location is determined only through GSM networks (without the help of WiFi, which is missing in this class of watches). This means a significantly lower accuracy – ranging from a few hundred meters (in the city, where there are many telecommunication masts) to even several kilometers in rural areas. In CALMEAN, the GO model is such a watch.
The cheapest watches have only 1 module (LBS). These devices are not designed for localization (as they perform other functions, such as replacing a child’s phone or simply serving as a watch), and therefore indicate the area where the child is located in a very general way The circle indicating the possible location of the child can have a diameter ranging from a few hundred meters to several kilometers. In CALMEAN, the EASY model is a watch that only has one module (LBS).

The table shows the differences in location accuracy:

Accuracy of Smartwatch Localization

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