GPS stands for Global Positioning System, a satellite navigation system created in the early 1970s. for the needs of the US military in the 20th century. It was originally developed for military purposes, but gained popularity when it was made available to civilian users. Today, thanks to GPS, we can use satellite navigation in cars, as well as locate objects, people or animals equipped with a locator. Why is this system so important?

GPS – how does it work?

The United States Department of Defense created the GPS system based on signals from satellites. It allows users, no matter where they are, to determine their position, speed, and time around the clock. GPS signals are available to virtually unlimited number of users simultaneously and there is no need to pay for using them.

Each satellite orbiting the Earth sends a signal to devices on the ground. GPS receivers passively receive signals from the satellites orbiting the Earth, but they do not have the ability to transmit signals. Receivers GPS must be within range of the satellites, which means they need to be outdoors and have an unobstructed view of the sky. In closed spaces, inside buildings, they work worse

One of the tasks that the GPS system is used for is locating, among others: peoples. The GPS system is used to determine location in any part of the world by utilizing a network of satellites to calculate the position based on their signals.

GPS is used by all kinds of locators that have a built-in GPS module. It is the GPS that locates objects using satellites. GPS transmitter is located, among others, in phones. It receives information from the satellite about the location of a given object. The system processes and sends the location data to the receiver, indicating the position.

Why is GPS important?

The GPS system has a wide range of applications in our lives and makes it easier. For example, a GPS tracker for a child allows parents or guardians to provide them with maximum security. An example of such a solution is the Calmean watch, which provides access to a locator management system. A parent can locate their child in real-time and check the location history using their app on a computer or phone, with devices such as the Calmean watch providing access to a locator management system. When he sets up safety zones, he will be able to receive alerts when the child goes beyond their boundaries.

Parental control exercised through a GPS locator for a child placed in a keychain or a smartwatch allows, on the one hand, to take care of the child’s safety and, on the other hand, to provide a certain degree of freedom and independence during outdoor activities.

There are also GPS devices for cats and dogs. The four-legged friend has a transmitter, such as in a collar, and if it breaks away from the leash or wanders away from home during a solo escapade, the owner will be able to locate their pet much easier. These are known as GPS trackers for pets. All that is needed is to send a query about the location of the pet, and the GPS device will quickly determine it.

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